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I have spent most of my life as a student or teacher in one art form or another. Midway through completing a double major in dance and biology at The University of North Carolina in Charlotte, I decided that a life behind a microscope would not satisfy my creativity. In May 2010 I completed my BFA in Graphic Design from UNCC. 


Upon graduating I quickly began establishing myself as a designer working with small businesses and retail establishments to provide innovative logos, business cards, websites, and print collateral. I enjoy being able to create cohesive packages for small businesses, setting up advertisements and more traditional work, as well as working with clients in more non-traditional ways.


In my current position I am learning and growing as a designer for Compass Food Group.  I love the team I work with and Compass has given me the opportunity to flex my design prowess in both print and digital media. I get the opportunity to create everything from templates for future use, beautiful innovative packaging, books, and presentation materials, recently I have even been able to dive into the world of email and social media gif creation. Compass has offered me the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge and reach as a designer and artist. 


Along with my graphic design career, I have been fortunate to spend many years working with children and young adults as a teacher, mentor, and choreographer for a competitive dance team.    Much like design, I am continually inspired by working with others and witnessing how a student interprets and adapts my choreography in order to express themselves.  By adapting my skills in graphics design, textiles and dance I have expanded into costume design.  My costumes have won several awards at regional and national dance competitions.

If I could give one piece of advice to an aspiring designer/artist is that it isn't easy or glamorous you need to be ready to work and work hard.  There will always be a curve ball and you have to find a way to work through it finding a unique solution to a daunting question is what a designer does best. 

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